British Columbia Girls Choir in Tian an men Square, Beijing
My advice to young people who want to find happiness now and in the future is... sing in
a choir like the BC Girls Choir. You'll find music, poetry, languages, feelings, tolerance
and understanding, friendship, world cultures and history, teamwork, poise, confidence,
stage presence and so much more. It will enrich your life now and for many years to
Jon Washburn, CM

In the past decade, Fiona has not only enjoyed a career on stage, she has been making
a mark in the world of choral conducting and adjudicating at music festivals within
British Columbia and beyond.

When I first came to BC Girls Choir, I was a shy, scared little girl, who was too afraid to
share her voice with anyone. After six years with this amazing group, I can sing withconfidence and I know I'll never forget the amazing trips and the wonderful friends that
I've met along the way.

Jessica Cumming, alumni singer

During the last decade, Fiona has directed children, youth and adult choirs. Her aim is
to create an environment in which each singer may explore his or her full vocal
potential, while singing choral literature that is: rich in history and poetry; significant as
‘choral masterpieces’; moving, thought-provoking and uplifting; and, just as importantly,
is fun!

A recent project has been to direct the ‘Green Choir’ at the Naramata Centre, in BC’s
Okanagan Region. Fiona and a choir of adults who had declared that they “cannot sing
that well!” spent a week together and each member ended up doing a solo by week’s
end. Fiona loves the idea that singing is “98% MIND” and that those who have been told
(or have told themselves) that they cannot sing ... really can!

Fiona is the Artistic Director of the British Columbia Girls Choir, which is based in Metro
Vancouver. She is starting her 13th season as the director of this vibrant choral
organization for girls, ages 5 to young adult. There are four levels to accommodate most
young ladies who wish to sing with BC Girls Choir. In 2013, the Tour Choir will travel to
Costa Rica. Other projects for the 2012 - 2013 season include: a guest performance
with tenor superstar, Ben Heppner, and the Vancouver Chamber Choir in Vancouver’s
Orpheum Theatre; hosting the Wakayama Children’s Choir from Japan; acknowledging
‘Pink Shirt Anti-Bullying’ Day with a public performance; all the usual camps, festivals,
community outreach and concerts. Please visit the choir website:
or call the choir office: 604-542-1698 and speak with the choir administrator, Lynn van
“Do you hear what I hear?” - a day at camp with young BC Girls Choir singers

Wow! As a ‘non-conductor’ I was overwhelmed on Monday…and by Wednesday I
directed!!! Not well, but I did it! I so identified with Fiona’s Bette Midler-ish zaniness and
spark – and to realize that she has only been conducting for 10 years – amazing! That
means there’s hope for me, and this week has given me a solid foundation towards that
end – to be able to create and inspire through the universal language of music.
Lida Carey, participant in the BCCF-sponsored Choral Directorship Course.

Fiona has led workshops for numerous organizations over the past years. She is a
faculty member of the Choral Directorship Course, which is sponsored each summer by
the British Columbia Choral Federation (BCCF). Fiona is a frequent leader of workshops
for music teachers, through individual school districts and the British Columbia Music
Educators’ Association (BCMEA); she is also hired by music stores to lead reading

For music festivals throughout British Columbia and beyond, Fiona adjudicates solo
vocal classes in classical, musical theatre and popular idioms. She also adjudicates for
choral classes: school, community or church choirs.
“What does this music mean to you?” - a moment of deep thought about a significant
piece of repertoire, BC Girls Training Choir.

Fiona is available to lead choral and vocal workshops and to adjudicate festivals. For
projects outside Metro Vancouver, it is advisable to book Fiona at least one year in
advance. Projects within Metro Vancouver would be considered as her schedule
permits. Contact her office directly through the ‘Enquire & Connect’ page.


Phone 1 800 600 7127
Choir & Inspire!

Go to this page for information about adjudicating, leading workshops and choral conducting.

“Show me how big I look from the back of the concert hall!” -  the BC Girls Choir during a dress rehearsal

Engaging, energetic, and masterful at all things vocal, Fiona draws participants in and gets the most out of each individual. An especially dynamic group leader, she quickly takes the pulse of the situation and has the depth of experience and technique to create effective remedies resulting in memorable and effortless music making.

Willi Zwozdesky, Executive Director, BC Choral Federation

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